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Tax Planning: 

There is more to tax planning than the exemptions available on savings made by you. With our advice, you will pay the right amount of tax and know how to tax proof your income and gains. 


For example, did you know that Mutual Funds and PMSes do not have the same tax implications? We help you invest through the most tax efficient investments so that you are not paying too much tax on your returns. Your capital is more productive in your hands and it can work wonders for you if planned properly.

Estate Planning: 

Financial planning entails building, preserving and passing wealth. Estate planning is the process of making proper arrangements to ensure that your wealth goes into the right hands after your death, via a Will/Trust. 


A Will is a document you create to direct the management and distribution of your property and assets after your death. A Will assists in the easy transfer of property and assets to the legal inheritors.


High Networth Individuals commonly use Private Family Trusts to manage personal assets, including both tangible assets as well as intellectual property, and succession planning. A private trust offers several advantages, not the least of which is ring-fencing of assets against possible losses due to business liabilities, family related liabilities arising from divorce / maintenance claims, tax claims, re-introduction of estate duty in India, and / or actual or potential creditors.


The importance of Estate Planning cannot be overstated. It is arguably the most important legal document that a person will ever sign, and yet most adults fail to do so. We strongly suggest you to prepare a Will/Trust and our legal partners can help you do so. 



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