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EMERALD INVESTMENTS is a wealth management firm that helps you attain financial independence via long-term wealth creation. We offer financial services across all different asset classes including Debt, Equity, Gold, Property, etc. and help you grow your money in a systematic and well-diversified manner. 


Our emphasis on tailor made investment solutions, to suit the different needs of our individual as well as corporate clients, allows us to create a sound investment plan to secure your future. We pride ourselves in providing a consistent service experience, by planning, advising, processing and monitoring your investments carefully. 


We strongly believe in:

  • Research Based Investing, that allows our clients to achieve the best possible post tax returns in any category that they choose to invest in.

  • Disciplined Approach towards savings that enables our investors to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

  • Detailed Financial Analysis of existing  personal/corporate investments to ensure a sound balance of risk & returns, along with diversification.

  • Meticulous Working to identify the most appropriate investment avenues, that suit the risk appetite, liquidity, goals, financial planning stage and needs of our clients.


At Emerald, we understand that sound money management plays a critical role in an individual’s mental well being. Investing your hard earned savings in the correct financial instruments can be critical to your economic independence in the future. 


High inflation, falling interest rates, volatile market conditions and complicated financial products can make investing seem like an overwhelming process. At Emerald, we help simplify investing for you, so that you can relax and focus on more important things in life, like your family and work.


We closely work with our clients to understand their needs & expectations and offer them products that best serve their financial goals. Our practice is built on the foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility and hence we are always committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.




MSc Accounting and Finance, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Gold Medalist - BSc Business Administration; HL College of Commerce

Studied International Trade at the University of Berkeley, California 

Studied Business Development at the London School of Economics, UK


Certified Financial Advisor, by the National Institute of Securities Markets, SEBI, India.


Personal Message from the Founder:

“I started Emerald to simplify investing for my clients. Our main aim is to help you invest your hard earned money, in productive financial instruments, that can actually make you money; in a manner that suits your personal objectives and risk appetite. I hope you give us an opportunity to help you plan for a better future.”


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